Gypsy Aurora Musings

where the streetlights become stars and fireflies ignite the night



Burning Empowerment

Opening the book of my life I see so many rough pages, tattered, torn, ripped and worn out. But there's more to this book. Those are only a section of it. There are other pages, crisp, neat writing, detailing happy... Continue Reading →

When I Open My Heart To Love – part two

When I open my heart to love I feel unsure and almost close it back up again I've been hurt so many times before But I don't want my heart to grow cold Turn to ice with a wall around... Continue Reading →

One More Day

I felt the pain encompass my body The warmth of the energy inside was trying to process and dissipate it But the pain remained I was doing everything I could to avoid it To squash it down and silence it... Continue Reading →

for sasha

I knew this day would come When we'd face your life being done I just didn't think it'd be so soon or like this Your swooshy tail and loving paw I will surely miss My heart is breaking as I... Continue Reading →

Birds can’t talk to Squirrels

I yell at the sky And numb away the pain There's not much difference between My cries and the birds songs Who's to say that their perky little ballads Aren't in fact screams for help? I don't speak bird And... Continue Reading →

Repressed Demon

Pain lingers in the dark shadows of her mind Showing itself when she least expects it Sitting quietly trying to get to sleep An overwhelming blanket thrown over Smothering her, gasping for air Images flash like a horrible slide show... Continue Reading →

Painful Demons

Demons facing Daughters Dancing daunting in the dark Shadows Skulking and lingering Lost hearts searching for Healing Hoping one day The dawn will come and clear Her heavy heart And the burdens won't Beat her down for any more Days... Continue Reading →


Writing ravages my soul Pen to paper perfectly Healing my heart and mind Popping prescription pills Telling myself I've taken a turn for the crazy Fantasizing over filling my body Emptying container after container Sealing my fate one dose at... Continue Reading →

My Heart Hurts

My heart hurts I've felt so distant from you lately When I've reached out it feels like I've just missed you Grasping the air just past Where you were there Looking up to you has been the flaw I suppose... Continue Reading →

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