It’s real to me
The value of myself
The trueness of my soul
The light inside me
The growth of my spirit
It’s finally real to me
What a woman’s worth
What she should expect
What I should expect
What I deserve
It’s finally real to me
I know I should not expect
Less than the best
If it doesn’t feel right in my soul
Right in my gut, right in my heart
I need to walk away
It’ll turn out right
If I trust my instincts
Like I’ve never been able to trust them before
I’ve finally honed myself and got better
No more lies, no more deceit
I don’t have to accept it from anyone
Not even when it’s myself
Lying to me
Because my instincts can tell
I can feel it in the tingle in my nose
Or the itch in my toes
Or the stab in my gut
Or the sit down in my butt
Or the curl in my fingers
Making a fist, fight or flight mofo
Walk away, stay true to the light inside me
Keep the positivity, the growth of spirit
Stay glowing and smiling
Make sure they are worth the tears
Or just hold your head high as you move the hell on
A woman is worth her dignity
She’s worth love and respect
Caring and attention
A woman is worth waiting for and treating right
Because she, I, is a very special person worth so much
And it’s finally real to me