I have no limits except those in my own mind
People may try their damnedest to put them on me
Tell me what I should do with my day
How I should live my life and with who
But really when I take a step back
And look at who is the pot calling the kettle black

Maybe we need to really reevaluate those words of wisdom
Because they certainly aren’t coming from Ghandi or the Dali Lama
And not a recipe for how I want to be living my life
Your recipe is tainted with a bit too many sour spoiled lemons
Yours is cheating on the quantities
Yours is using unclean cooking utensils
And sweetheart I could go on taking all of your inventories
But frankly it’s getting exhausting
And I’d much rather focus on getting my recipe just right and cooked properly

I have no limits except those in my own mind
I do not want to listen to any more judgments, only what feels right in my soul
I can be my own harshest critic
I know all my buttons and the best lines, I’ve rehearsed them for 32 years!
But it’s time to end the beatings
I have no limits, I’m stepping over my line of fear
It truly is the worst line I’ve ever ingested and it’s time it’s stopped crippling me
I’ve stopped snorting the rest, now I won’t let it get the best of me anymore