What I will do matters….
Chaos in the sky, free falling tumbling
Passing clouds leaving the calamity behind
My thoughts rush out of my head
And fly away on the birds wings
I am free
Please let me be

What I will do with that freedom matters….
I will be me
Now you will see
I will follow my own path when I want to
Do the things I see fit when I need to
Fill my body with healthy things it needs
Capture my soul with creativity and healing
I will be me
Now you will see

What I will do with my body matters….
I will have control over my own thoughts
My self esteem will be mine for the lifting
My heart will not be breaking or frightened or scared
I will not walk on egg shells or cry out of fear
I will not be overwhelmed with negativity
The black sludge will be gone from my soul
Happiness will fill me
Back to Andrea I will be

Open the doors for sunshine and clarity
What I will do with happiness matters
Freedom and hope will spring back
Faith will return

He’s just not worth it