The last time I felt like this I was little
Butterflies in my stomach fluttering
No net to catch them though
They are just free to fly around
Fluttering with chaos like my thoughts
I don’t know what to make of this feeling
Relaxed and comfortable
Yet so fun and free
Dancing on raindrops
Like pixie toes and dragonflies

I don’t even remember the last time I felt like this, if I felt like this before
This connection so deep and instant
Electric and intense
Like a lightning storm in the heat of summer
Passions igniting so electric and chaotic
Fire burning in our souls
I want more of you
I want to touch you, feel you
Your body pressed against mine
Igniting the night together
Let’s illuminate the city with our passion
So intense we could light up Hamilton
With our love together

The last time I felt like this together with you
Feeling us together
Tonight we don’t want the night to end
We never want the night to end
In your arms can I stay?
Hold me gently don’t let me go
Safe together away from the chaos
Hidden away from all the burdens
No one will find us here
Just love me in your arms until the dawn light
And don’t let me go
I love the way I feel in your arms
Please don’t let me go