You love my broken pieces back together
And call me beautiful
I see that I can be whole again
And I can love myself
You smooth out the rough edges
With your sweet kisses
And in your arms I feel safe
The air between us is comfortable and calm
It’s peaceful being in your presence
I don’t have to be afraid
With scrunched noses we smooch and giggle
My heart feels light
Like everything is alright
Even when I know deep down elsewhere it probably isn’t
With you, and in this moment, it is
It’s beautiful and wonderful
The way you see love in the movies
Or read about it in the classic novels
Not the cheesy chick lit ones with the manufactured endings
I mean real love
When they knew how to write it
Shakespearean sonnets couldn’t hold a candle to our romance
Perfect passion passing between us
Longing for each other
Loving and satisfying more of each other
I want to wake up the rest of my days next to you
Seeing that sweet smile
Gazing into those sparkling eyes
And holding you
For the rest of our moments
Holding you
And loving your edges until they’re smooth
So we can be polished to perfection together