I can’t run far enough to escape the pain that lingers inside
Memories chase me and stalk me hunting me from the shadows
If I could be the hunter maybe even the score and stop the pain from passing on to generations
I would at any cost
But the dark shadows of society that we don’t talk about get brushed under the rug with shame fear and doubt
And the hunted become outcasts and silenced
Because society doesn’t talk about the abuse that we are doing to helpless children we are supposed to protect
They grow up broken shattered confused and shamed
And we learn to hide our pain because the hunters don’t want anyone to know of what they do in the shadows to those who haven’t learned to speak up for themselves
Those still too small and impressionable to realize they don’t deserve what’s happening to them
With sweet angels wings we need to protect the children from the monsters and hunt the hunters down so the suffering stops with us