Gypsy Aurora Musings

where the streetlights become stars and fireflies ignite the night



I Pressed Snooze

Like a slideshow my head indulges Trying to pull the cord, kill the show But this one won't end Over and over, screaming lying hurting But you convinced me it was me And I was overreacting And I doubted me,... Continue Reading →

Do you see what I see?

I laid down a rule for myself But I couldn't help but let the energies in Seeing broken hearts around me Suffering in silence But I could feel their darkness I could hear the words they weren't saying Hurting, Hungry,... Continue Reading →

Silent Hunting

I can't run far enough to escape the pain that lingers inside Memories chase me and stalk me hunting me from the shadows If I could be the hunter maybe even the score and stop the pain from passing on... Continue Reading →

Repressed Demon

Pain lingers in the dark shadows of her mind Showing itself when she least expects it Sitting quietly trying to get to sleep An overwhelming blanket thrown over Smothering her, gasping for air Images flash like a horrible slide show... Continue Reading →

Painful Demons

Demons facing Daughters Dancing daunting in the dark Shadows Skulking and lingering Lost hearts searching for Healing Hoping one day The dawn will come and clear Her heavy heart And the burdens won't Beat her down for any more Days... Continue Reading →

A Daughter’s Worth

A doll house A play house Where all too real stories are acted out By children who don't realize The adults want them to censor What their little ears have heard and little eyes have seen Before relaying those seemingly... Continue Reading →

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