The butterfly came gently over the wall
I peered over to see where it came from
I saw a beautiful garden, peaceful and bright
I wanted to hop the wall and explore
But rationalizing told me no
It’s not mine to explore
It’s not meant to be seen
Trespassing for freedom
It longed to me

I walked along the wall seeking an opening
Where there was none
I was locked out of my own freedom
By walls I seemed to have formed
To get to this beautiful garden
I’d have to learn to cross this tall stone wall
Between me and paradise
There were no tools laying around for me to use
I had to seek inside for the solution

Stone by stone I climbed the wall
Overcoming each obstacle weighing me down
Keeping me from this wonderful place
I know if I carry these stones with me to tranquillity
I will build the same walls and never be able to find my freedom
As I climbed, I thought about where each stone came from
Meditated on it, and left them behind

Finally reaching the top I could see it all, the beauty that awaited
I had to listen to my intuition and take the leap
Not looking back on the climb completed
But looking ahead, excited for serendipity

The butterfly came back and landed on my shoulder
Reminding me that I must want to fly so badly
I’m willing to leave behind the caterpillar cocoon of familiarity
And build my wings with faith that I can trust myself
Listening to my instincts and leaving outside opinions behind
Like the weathered old shell of the cocoon
I no longer need that outside protection
I can soar on my own like the beautiful butterfly I am in my soul
Trusting in life, my skills and my heart

Energy flowing from my fingertips
Building beautiful worlds through my pen
Colourful visions scratched in black and white
Pouring my soul through ink
Trusting the process of what I need to do
Knowing my intuition is right
And I can be content in my choices
Balancing emotions and rationalizations
Finding peace between extremes