The sirens were whailing
Cries of darker times
Was it someone in distress
Or a house on fire?
Lives destroyed with a siren
Blackouts and forgotten locations
Trauma triggered Don’t look back
Don’t look back Don’t look back
On a dark and rainy night
Death filled the air
Family member gone
Mother, Daughter, Wife
Lives shattered
Like nothing mattered
Picking up the pieces
15 years of picking up the pieces
Why am I missing so many puzzle pieces?
I saw things that can’t be unseen
Jigsaw puzzle of my brain
Flashing lights cause an emotional seisure
And I forget
The pain burns inside
But my mind forgets
Is it a gift or a curse?
Maybe the pieces aren’t meant to fit
Maybe they never fit at all
My heart breaks My soul aches
I cry out with tears that no one can hear
Silently they stay locked inside
For years the tears couldn’t escape
Small trickles sometimes break through
Flaws in the concrete dam
Cracks are how the light gets in, I’m told
But it’s small consolation on this dark rainy night
I thought I had healed
But the shaking told me otherwise
I thought I was okay
But my eyes welled up
So much hard work to change
And as far as I’ve come
So I still am
Remembering I’m only one step away from unhealthy
So I’ll just keep moving forward.