You hear music in the distance, off beyond the pines
Carolers are singing, the familiar Christmas tunes
As you walk crunching through the newly fallen snow
The sweet sounds get louder
The sleigh bells come near
And a horse drawn carriage crosses your path
There is much hustle and bustle
As people share in the holiday cheer
Friends laughing with each other
Enjoying this time of year
The smell of hot apple cider fills the air
Tastes of candy canes and hot chocolate linger in your mouth
Many colourful lights line the tree boughs
As people mill all about

You are enjoying all this scene has to offer
Yet you are detached, removed from it all
Immersed in the moment
But not wanting to get too close to any of it
The holidays are a wonderful time of year
So much to experience and enjoy
Families so full of love
But alone as the observer you stand
It’s safer this way
Less ways to get hurt
But yet never experiencing it to the fullest