There’s a small window in this room of oddities. It’s so dusty and dirty you can’t see to the outside. It doesn’t look like it’s been cleaned in months – or ever. I’m not sure where it would look out to if I could see out it, or even if I’d really want to go where it showed me.

But maybe I would.

Maybe it would show me an entirely new magical land of adventure that awaits just beyond the corners of my imagination. If my imagination had corners to begin with. Maybe it would be a portal to the unknown world of fantasy and magical times where pixies and elves were something that dreamed us up instead of the other way around. Maybe animals kept humans as pets.

Or maybe we could fly and had wings. And instead of being able to speak of all the wonders that we do, we were only blessed to explore and witness them, but had no way of communicating the beauty we experienced to anyone; we just had to keep it all inside.

I wonder then if it would truly be considered a blessing or would it turn into a curse, witnessing magnificent wonders and having that knowledge and memories die within you.

But then again, it really is only a dusty little window, in the corner of a room of oddities. I really don’t know where it goes, or what lies on the other side. Your guess is as good as mine.

There’s a little bookcase in this room. I was instantly drawn to it. Slowly, like greeting a new lover, I walked breathless over to it, running my fingers seductively over the tops of the titles. My eyes skimmed the shelf in its entirety; I couldn’t resist sneaking a peek ahead. Curious, but slightly alarmed by the classic black, maroon and gold “Funk & Wagnalls Complete Family Edition” that lie in my peripheral, I knew there was a variety of titles awaiting my inspection. Picture books and novels for teens, a novel called “Thirty Something” catches my eye and intrigues. Skimming the back reminds me of the impact simple words can have on someone.

Out of the corner of my eye I see “God Whispers Your Name” and I glance away and peruse a romance book. Again, I’m drawn back to my name being whispered and I pick up another by Koonz. The whispers get louder and I move a shelf down. “The Bible for Dummies”? “The Truth About Faith”? And I cave and read what God is whispering about my name. Chills run down my back and I cannot put the book down quick enough. Something tells me I should have just stuck with the maroon and gold.

I nervously glance around and notice there’s a small washroom in this room of oddities. I look in the mirror. Does my hair always seem that wild and unruly? I didn’t think it did. Maybe I’m just rattled and need to sit down.

There’s a couch that seems strangely unwelcoming and a small table and two chairs. I take my place at one of the wooden chairs, as far away from the once alluring bookcase, as I can, and stare at it with suspicious disdain. I am not sure why this room feels so strange and off kilter. There’s something odd about it. I’m sure that small window will offer me no form of escape if I tried.

Many places to sit, yet I am the lone soul here on this day. Perhaps that’s because it’s a day meant for family, warmth, happiness and good cheer, and I’m cleaning my socks and delicates. The clothes are warm, the detergent is cheer and I am my own family today and I am happy with that.

As the clock ticked closer to when the fictitious fat man was to bring his magical fairy dust ‘round, it seemed we didn’t need snow to create the cold chaos on the streets and in our hearts and stores and all around. The warm loving kinship I’d been seeing and experiencing for the last while seemed to lose its sparkle at the strike of noon like Cinderella’s pumpkin tale. People pushing, cars crashing, tempers tightening. It all just made me sad. I couldn’t wait to escape back to my fairytale home and hope not to lose my glass slipper along the way.

I couldn’t help but to wonder why people let themselves get so worked up and stressed. I don’t understand why traditions are held so steadfast at the sake of sanity and love. I don’t get why gift giving can’t just be generous and from the good of your heart. Why people work up expectations, rules, competitions, instead of making it about appreciation and love.

Don’t buy for people you don’t want to. Don’t spend money you don’t have. Leave resentments at the store, they aren’t worth the money you spend on them anyway. Give the gift of love and time. Give the gift of your heart. It’s the gift everyone can afford and everyone overlooks but when given genuinely, it’s the gift everyone will truly appreciate the most. People don’t really want to admit it, but ultimately everyone is just looking to be loved. By someone. Everyone deserves to know they’re loved and worth that extra time.

In an electronic age going faster than the speed of light, we are overlooking the simple act of loving each other. This holiday, slow down and love the people that are important, and even those you don’t know that you pass by, that you see need that extra TLC in the form of true love and contact.

Pick up the phone so someone can hear your voice, not just text. Go visit someone and bring them some cookies, or a hot apple cider, or a hug. Send someone a long personal email, or hand written letter, telling them how your life has changed because they’re in it and how much you appreciate their friendship. Mail someone a real card – I did – 80 of them. You wouldn’t believe the smiles.

Let someone know they are worth your time. Everyone is worth the time. It could be the best gift they get this Christmas. And here’s the kicker! Don’t let it stop now! There’s a whole new year coming…Keep it going and make people feel important, loved and special EACH DAY THROUGH!

Because I know, for this simple girl, sitting quietly, in the corner of a room full of oddities, by herself doing her laundry on Christmas Eve, I know the magic and spirit of Santa lives in my heart the whole year through. I hope it can live in yours too.