Falling into old patterns
Addictions running wild
Darkness consuming, grasping for anything it can
Distractions from success
Sabotaging self esteem
My body, my temple, ransacked and destroyed
Food that does not fuel
Hands that do not respect
Toxins flooding my blood stream
Distractions destroying my mind
Unable to focus, not moving toward my goals
Isolating myself without self care
Letting the darkness take over
Believing it, letting it convince me I’m a fraud
Letting go of my dreams, my plans
Falling further down
Thoughts of giving up, giving in
Unable to reach out for help
No one really cares, I’m told
By the darkness that just wants me for it’s own
Barely able to breath I cry, I just want to die
Alone and scared, not daring to talk about it
People get too uncomfortable
Yet so many suffer in silence
Thinking no one understands
Yet so many more understand
Than anyone actually realizes
If we took the time to move past discomfort
And truly reach out to find what’s behind the mask
Maybe unmasking the world we could realize
We are all connected as one
Beating the darkness with connection and love
Saving lives, sharing love
So the world doesn’t have to suffer in silence
Finding the courage together
Beating the internal wars
So together the external wars will no longer have to mirror
The darkness inside so many
And the light and love can wash over everyone
Saving lives, sharing love
Breaking stigma, reducing fear
Realizing we aren’t alone,