As the pen scratched across the page, I felt empowered, stepping back into me, one word at a time
Knowing this is the path I’m meant for
Feeling the words in my bones
Words leaping onto the page from my soul, scattered and disorganized but free
Helping my heart heal
The only way it truly can
No more running, hiding, stuffing, ignoring
It’s just me and you now
We will get through this
Coming out more empowered than ever before
Loving myself and all I express
I write these words for me
Scratching my pen across the page
Spilling the ink straight from my soul
My soul is made of words
And I need to let them out
For as I let go of more of them
It leaves more room to fill up with love
Love fills all the spaces
Leaving me feeling lighter, more fulfilled
Words are the questions and Love is the answer