When I reach into the air
I feel my muscles stretch
Releasing the tension that has built up
From carrying the weight of the world
Far too many times lately
I do not want to relate to Atlas
I want to be footloose and fancy free
Able to blow about with the wind
Without getting tied into knots and tangled
When I reach into the air
I feel the breeze flowing over my hands
I cannot catch it, no matter how hard I try
It slips through my fingers every time
Yet when I remain still, patient
It comes to me and dances over my arms
Around my body and through my hair
Reminding me that I need to let things happen as they will
When I try to control, I only think I have control
And it is only upon total surrender
That life comes to dance
So easily and effortlessly
Things fall into place
With a sigh I let go to all that was, is and is meant to be