The lights twinkle on the branches

The buds start on the trees

The bunny hops away when we come near

The squirrel bravely comes to the glass

The windows open allow us to see the activity

The other one allows the fresh spring air in

Welcome to our apartment, the air dances around

Chi, the flow, energy stagnates

Spring comes alive outside

In a world we can’t be right now

The birds sing their songs

The robins are coming around

The geese fly back

The snowy owls leave

The hawks remain steadfast, unwavering

All in a world we aren’t allowed to be

In our home we are stuck

From clutter and corona

Wanting to release and find freedom

Like the birds tease of from outside

The sun sets from a blue sky sunny day

Many manufactured in a row I’m sure

But it helps people’s moods to comply

I can forgive it for now, stepping down from my soapbox

I know people think I’m crazy when I share my findings of research

Chicken little says the sky is falling

Chicken little realizes there are more reasons than the fairy tale implies

But when no one listens anyway

Sometimes it’s better just to look away

To quarantine on your own

No one to answer to or discuss things with

Let the creativity flow

Hearing pets softly snore with contentment

Seeing people smiling for the sun

Maybe turning a blind eye for the greater benefit short term

Is better than letting people know the sky is falling long term

Maybe there won’t be a long term

So worrying is most futile

Trusting each thing has a purpose

And this is all meant to be however it is

For however long that may be