Gypsy Aurora Musings

where the streetlights become stars and fireflies ignite the night



What Really Matters

The sunsets on experiences Nothing lasts forever And maybe it's not meant to Beautiful experiences we can hold close to our heart For as long as our brains allow But we have photos to help make up the slack Holding... Continue Reading →

Forest of My Soul

The leaves crinkled under my feet as I walked through the forest. Fall had come late this year. The water levels were low in the river, which increased the ripples and splashes over the rounded worn down rocks. The path,... Continue Reading →


I thought I saw a small rabbit Off by the edge of the forest He poked his little head around the rock But as he startled me, so I must have him I sat quietly on my back porch Overlooking... Continue Reading →

Deep Breath In

When I opened the window The air came in fresh to greet me And I resisted I did not want to take a breath And fill my lungs with this air It was full of hope and peace It would... Continue Reading →

Feathered Footsteps

A bird flies from the snow covered branch Knocking a dusting of powder scattering beneath Without noticing it flies off The world of snow never to be the same for its feathery footsteps

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