I miss you

My heart hurts

Why couldn’t you stay

I didn’t want you to go away

I know it was tough for you, it was tough for me too

I just wish we could have stayed together

We could have figured it out together

I miss you

My heart breaks

I just want to tell you

I still miss you

Don’t go

I need you to know how important you are

You still matter

I want to hear your laugh

I want to feel your hug

Why were you only here a short time

And at such an awful time

An angel to help me through

I’m glad you got to see me get clean

But things are so different now

I want to share the success

You’d be so proud and excited

Why can’t I hear your excitment

I want to talk till the birds come up

I want to share all the silly stories with you

I just want to hug you

I just want to cry and feel your love

My heart is so broken

You were more of a mom than I’ve ever known

Why couldn’t you stay

Why did you have to go away


I love you