Gypsy Aurora Musings

where the streetlights become stars and fireflies ignite the night


I miss you

Together Again

It feels like months since I met you We used to be so close Expectations, disappointments Created distance Now I don't even know you anymore Feeling lost and confused on my own I know you can help me through Your... Continue Reading →

I miss you

I miss you My heart hurts Why couldn't you stay I didn't want you to go away I know it was tough for you, it was tough for me too I just wish we could have stayed together We could... Continue Reading →

Peace at the Cabin

what can you get lost in today? "Get lost in what you care about. That's where you'll find everything." The path was overgrown but I was sure this was the way. I stepped carefully over branches and through thick, sticky... Continue Reading →


19 years now, out of my life longer than she lived in it. Moving on but never forgetting my mother, no matter how angry I may get sometimes. I'm grateful to the people who have shown me what real love... Continue Reading →

I Miss You

I Miss You, 3 words so heavy on my heart. Nameless Faces. I know who you all are much too well. You are not nameless to my heart For you have left your heart prints behind on my life, Never... Continue Reading →

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