I heard the tick of the clock
Such a linear expression of life
We count minutes
Not moments
We schedule ourselves by the second
Never stopping to smell the roses
As spring approaches
There are many flowers to stop and smell
But we spring forward
Losing an entire hour, honestly?
Making it that much more important
To lose myself in the lilacs
Pausing to take in their sweet smell
Filling myself with the love in my heart
Smiling at the beauty of it all
Right here, right now, in this moment
Feeling the magic all around me
The air is electric
Embracing the feeling of silence
Overflowing inside with peace

Tick tock
What time is it?
How long have I been sitting in this space?
Tick tock
The pain in my chest comes back
My breath feels shallow
Tick tock
Head dizzy, mind exploding
Nothing is making sense
Tick tock
Why do I let my external world
Control the internal me
Tick tock
I’m going to stop the clock
Get back to me, finding myself
Tick tock
Not all this chaos around
Slowing down
Finding me
Peace and stillness in my heart once more
Stopping rushing
Letting in the lilacs once more
No more rushing
Connecting with me
and My magic inside

written March 15, 2016