Watching the sunset I’m reminded
Even endings can be beautiful
A spectacular painting for all to see
Lighting up the sky for a final show each day
With no two days are the same
Breathtaking beauty begins as it ends
Each phase of the day holds it’s own story
For those willing to pause and take those moments
The world around us keeps happening
Whether we actually see it or not
It pays no mind to our drama and stress
For it’s only agenda is beauty
Whether the beauty is a splash of intense colour
Or impressiveness of a storm
Whether it’s the thousands of stars like fireflies
Or the first fire that wakes the sky
Each moment of beauty is there for us to see
Theres no admission charge
To the most spectacular gallery around
The only catch is our breath
If we let it, and pause a moment to see
Sometimes endings can be beautiful
When we take the time to breathe