I want to start over, start fresh
But I’ll still be me. But the boxes I’ve been put in here
Don’t have to be unpacked there
I can be bold, courageous, independent, sane
I can live my life without limitations
Free of the handcuffs that exist here
I choose what is packed to come with
I choose what is left behind
I’ll still be me, but I’ll be free
I can be an even truer version of me
One that no one here can see
I don’t have to be my traumas and hurts
I can be strong, assertive, tenacious
I can be the successful woman I’m meant to
Independent, relying on me
Taking care of myself
Driven, focused, consistent, accountable
No longer putting up with any shit
I stand up for me, I take care of me
Finally free of guilt, shame and old patterns
Making it on my own
All on my own