I got here through a portal that I never realized I entered
Somehow it kept me safe through some of the most intense situations life presented me with
I don’t always remember how or why I made it through
When by all rights, I likely shouldn’t have
But here I am, probably a lot worse for the wear
But I’m helping to create a better world, one word, one hug, one moment of love at a time
Compassion for others, kindness shared back
The world can be a special place
If we keep our eyes out for the miracles 💫
We find what we look for
And while it’s not all rainbows and puppies as someone said
We can take the moments to breathe
We can be as present as we can
Right here right now
And remember everything is impermanent
So when we are in those painful moments
When people are difficult to interact with
When all hope seems lost and you want to give up
Know it’ll pass to something more beautiful, or you’ll see the lesson
And you can rest in a moment of peace
Knowing when the ebbs and flows of life hit again
You will surf the waves and carry on
Beautiful islands of sun await, not that far off on the horizon
As long as you keep looking
You will always find what you look for

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