Feeling the cool breeze, I wrapped my jacket tighter
I shivered as I looked out over the earth before me
Barren and asleep, it was tucked in until spring
Although mother earth was confused this season
As she was many seasons now
Time marched on
It keeps ticking no matter how much we want to put on the brakes
Kicking and screaming or calm and accepting
Neither phases the realities of time
Mother nature keeps the seasons spinning
Although more blurred these days
The colourful flowers, the warm sun, the colourful leaves, the cold snow
We aren’t as connected to the earth, the moon, and natural cycles
So we aren’t as connected to ourselves
We are part of the earth, we are part of the time construct
We are all energy spinning around, connected
If we only knew the true nature of nature
Our minds would open and our hearts would expand
We create illusions to cope
False evidence giving us hope
But is that really the way to exist
The stress making us all a mess
What truly matters to our soul
If nothing was as it really seems
Love, connection, caring, compassion
To ALL things, without judgement
If you only realized that leaf had as much to offer your journey
As the rock, the river or rover
Your neighbour is a mirror for lessons to learn
But if you’re too scared of your reflection to look inside
You’ll keep spinning to oblivion like the earth
Earthquakes shake things up
Hurricanes spin things free
Fires burn things down
Given the opportunity of the Phoenix
But who is really even listening?
Does anyone truly care?
There are answers on the wind
For all those who dare to listen
Slow yourself and be still
So the silence can catch up with you
Love yourself and that will expand to the earth
Ground your energy into mother nature
Allow her to heal you
Allow her to rejuvenate you
Allow her to rebirth you
Embrace exapansion and connection
Remember who you truly are
Before you got caught up in what the world told you to be
Before you forgot who you truly are
Just love

From a daily writing prompt in the creative writing group I facilitate https://www.facebook.com/groups/213087289131266/