It had been waiting for me
Much more patient than I am
Ready for me whenever I was
It didn’t waiver or falter

I was the one who delayed and took my sweet time
Always running late
Needing to rewrite that story
My running shoes worn out
From all the aimless running

Scared of my own shadow somedays
But wanting so badly to be fearless
When I read that word, I feel it deep in my soul
I long to be…fearless

So I took the prompt and ran with it
Baby steps at first to build confidence
Keeping promises to myself
Doing it for myself, and the others that may tag along
But when I felt the excitement build inside
I took the leap, and jumped

All in on my dreams, consistent
Promising myself, my soul, I wouldn’t waiver
I’d stop letting fear sabotage
I’d lean in like I used to and be….fearless

I dont know how many days I have left in this form
On this rotating ball of a hot mess I’m calling home right now
So many things could happen any moment
Including my last breath

I will make the most of my days and make the moments matter
Leaving a legacy of love and light
Forging through fear to face forever
Diving deep into this dimension
So I can swim into see the simulation
Knowing not of keeping calm
Words wavering and waffling apart
But laughter, and light, and love

From a daily writing prompt in the creative writing group I facilitate