Feeling the warmth on my skin, I let relaxation seep through my body
The heat was comforting after coming in from the cold
I didn’t realize how tense I was out in the bitter air
I didn’t dare exhale too long for fear my lungs might freeze
But here in the cozy warm cabin, I was safe
My fight or flight could thaw
Alone I could relax my heart
No longer needing to be on guard
Now was just time for me
Distractions pulled at my concentration for so long
I forgot what focus really was
Where was my creativity?
Oh yeah, broken in others pockets
Carelessly given to those who cared less
Hurting, I could curl up and lick my wounds
Wound up to tight, trying to control with all my might
Until I collapsed
In the flow, I let it pull me away, and now it was broken again
I am not learning, consistently caring for me
Needs to be priority
Frustrated not feeling the relaxation anymore
Longing to get back to what was
But I’m not that person anymore
I need to create the new me
The one I want to see
The one I’m meant to be
Beyond the distractions and the pain
Inside my heart is where I need to start
Cheesy rhymes keeping things at arms length
Scattered sentences swirling around
Breaking the walls and finding connection
Feeling the warmth wrapped around me
Embracing that I’m allowed to feel safe
Right now, in this moment
I will deal with what comes when it comes
But right now, in this moment
I am warm and safe

From a daily writing prompt in the creative writing group I facilitate https://www.facebook.com/groups/213087289131266/