The waves pound and crash relentlessly, and yet not a soul stirs to witness. A view many can only dream of owning, yet going unappreciated by those blessed with it. What a paradox of our lifetime! All the money in the world can’t buy you the true gifts that make you rich. For they are ones you treasure in your soul: Watching the goose waddle past, picking at the tiny spring buds of grass. Or the seagulls in flight as they struggle against the mighty wind. The tree branches quiver in their fight. Life springs forth with the 4 foot waves on the shore. Two people come by to toss the ball between them. A group of runners in perfect sync move quickly along the path. The goose remains steadfast, maintaining her land claim and foraging for some sustenance. Yet as everything changes, the waves maintain their unforgiving assault, unnoticing of all that happens around them.