I am determined to fight for my survival
I will not go extinct before my dreams are realized
I will not end up endangered and on a WWF commercial

The train whistle blows and the engineer shouts, “All Aboard!”
It’s the last call. Either I hop on board the express train to my dreams or be left behind on the platform.
I must decide quickly.
He looks at me, foot poised to ascend up the steps into the carriage. Like he reads my mind, he gruffly says to me, “Come on miss, it’s now or never.”
And I take a deep breath and fly up the stairs just as the train starts moving. Bewildered I look around to find my seat. I notice it’s not even very full. I would have expected standing room only.
But then again, it’s probably not everyone’s train of dreams.
12 hour train ride to the arctic to schmooze with the polar bears. No roads, no cell phones, no distractions. Just me and my writing. No way of escaping, so I will finally get this finished!
Well…some distractions, afterall, I AM on a train, which is a slight obsession of mine.
Who am I kidding? With how much I’ve been teased lately? A major obsession.
And polar bears? In the wild? Real live polar bears??
Oh. And my memoir. That’s not really a memoir. But has enough bits in it that people that know me and read it go hmmm…
What am I doing? What am I getting myself into?
I really did just board the train of my dreams knowing full damn well what I was doing.
Embracing the life that’s been waiting for me all along. Following my dreams.
No, pursuing them, and making them reality.
As terrifying as that is.
I’ve come too far to entertain self sabotage now.
I will not fuck this up.