Gypsy Aurora Musings

where the streetlights become stars and fireflies ignite the night


Unfinished Thoughts


Engine sounds came from aisle 12, like there was an indy race happening in the toy aisle. The walmart associate had been called to see what the commotion was about. As she rounded the corner, she saw a boy sitting... Continue Reading →


The icicles hung like frosting outside the farmhouse and made me glad to have the fire blazing next to me while I nursed my cup of hot cocoa. It was a cold blustery night and the wind was trying to... Continue Reading →

A Walk in the Park

Dogs walk by with their owners and greet each other The small timid one watches from a distance While her companion tries to take on the large foe The foe doesn't see himself as such And is denied his attempt... Continue Reading →

The Unexpected

As the Doobie Brothers belt out from the AM radio, I watched the water lapping against the dock, playfully teasing and calling me into its cooler depths. That summer had been unusually hot and humid, the kind where the air... Continue Reading →


Little gnome house hidden away in the forest Reveal to me your secrets, Tell me no lies But it's a gnomes whimsical way To not be direct with his stories You will have to trick it out of him If... Continue Reading →

the feather

As I walked through the small and crowded streets of downtown with my guitar on my back, I saw a simple seagull feather lying on the ground next to a bench by the bus stop. I picked it up and... Continue Reading →

Northern Girl

Longing for the fresh air of the North she set about her journey. Just her and her little car and the open road in front of her. She had a cooler in the back of pop and snacks, a bag... Continue Reading →

Now or Never

I am determined to fight for my survival I will not go extinct before my dreams are realized I will not end up endangered and on a WWF commercial The train whistle blows and the engineer shouts, "All Aboard!" It's... Continue Reading →

Fortune Cookie Writing

#1: If only she could guess what he already knew #2: A small river divided the two properties but he knew the divide was even larger with his new neighbour So at my new writing class I started last Monday,... Continue Reading →

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