Longing for the fresh air of the North she set about her journey. Just her and her little car and the open road in front of her. She had a cooler in the back of pop and snacks, a bag with some change of clothes, her tunes and a full tank of gas. It really was all she needed. She didn’t know where the day would take her or if she’d be back by sundown that week. With the top down on her ‘cuda she started driving and didn’t even think of looking back for miles. The road stretched on before her, winding through the trees, valleys and hilltops. Cresting over peaks and plunging towards lakes so crystal blue with the sun sparking off of them like a diamond. Her heart felt a freedom she could only know up here. The lightness of air that was afforded when your cares could be left behind in the skyscrapers of the city and the only noises to be heard were the fish splashing on the water and the birds sweetly singing in the air. She barely saw any other sign of human life around her and that fact made her feel very content in her soul. The peace that washed over her being could not be artificially created by any means and was a beautiful delight to partake.