And when it was over the freefall of tears started…

The tears started falling like a meteor shower from the midnight sky.

A volcano finally releasing its pressure from deep within the earth,

Exploding up to the sky and sending a shower of sparks,

Like tiny fireflies igniting the earth,

The air was electrified with my tears.

Trauma built up over years,

Finally coming to a breaking point.

Forget the white flag,

This is beyond a hundred white flags,

We need the whole damn rainbow now.

Red for the fire burning in my heart,

The pain, the anger, the passion, the hurt,

Yellow for the toxic poison encroached on my life all these years, slowly killing me,

Orange lava spilling over trying to melt my soul,

But my green stomach puking up all the lies I’ve been fed,

Refusing to believe and refusing to be knocked down for good,

Blue for the deep depression coating my life for so many years,

But also for the blue skies I’ve started to see lately now on the other side of all this shit.

For after every storm there’s a beautiful rainbow,

And you must live through that pain to truly appreciate its beauty,

In those black dark depths of your soul where those tornadoes and hurricanes live,

Because you learn to dance in the rain during all that pain.

But it’s under the beautiful sun kissed rainbow,

That you can twirl and sing and truly sparkle.