Gypsy Aurora Musings

where the streetlights become stars and fireflies ignite the night



Building Wings

I've proven time and time again My dreams are bigger than my fears So why do I always end up broken down in tears Ignoring my passions all these years Caught up in nonsense distractions I've proven time and time... Continue Reading →

Finding Home

Home in your heart can travel with you anywhere It isn't defined by four walls With a lock and a key on the door Claiming it as yours Securing your valuables away Home is in your heart In your memories... Continue Reading →

Simple love

Just let me love you more than a bee loves a flower because without some sort of simple love and hope, much like the bee without the flower, and the world without pollen, I might go extinct I just want... Continue Reading →

Taking Time

Time runs fine away like grains of sand thru my hand I cannot catch it and control it any better than the waves are able to on the beach The words allude my pen and are the mistress of moments... Continue Reading →

When the Music Plays

Rainbow Dances

And when it was over the freefall of tears started… The tears started falling like a meteor shower from the midnight sky. A volcano finally releasing its pressure from deep within the earth, Exploding up to the sky and sending... Continue Reading →

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