He takes his little hand cautiously from the parking lot,
Careful to look both ways.
He’s taught this to his son to protect him
And he hopes he remembers when they aren’t together as well.

But when they reach the grassy hill,
The small face looks up at his elder with eager anticipation,
And with a quick nod of the head, they break into a run,
All the way down to the water,
Giggling to each other without hesitation,
Unable to brake, they run right into the water,
Up to their knees, and look at each other and smile.

For this is the type of moment, days like today were made for.
As the hot sun shines overhead in the clear blue sky
Where father and son have the entire day ahead of them to spend together.

And the rest will be left to trust,
That parental diligence has crossed as many of the T’s
And dotted as many of the I’s as possible,
And our kids will be okay in the end,
And truly, we have done our best
Because now, we just need to savour all these moments together.