The old man pauses to sit on the bench near the parking lot
He looks at the young people running all around him so active
Kids splashing down by the water, teens playing volleyball on the beach, a family picnicking nearby in the shade of the trees,
He seems sombre, introspective
There is no rush about him on this day.
He has learned so much in his years,
And realized there are too many people who rush through life,
But don’t really live their years.
He knows there are many years he didn’t live,
And he can’t get any of those moments back.
But that’s not what’s troubling him this moment,
For he had a peaceful walk along the boardwalk, thinking of Mildred today
And how he wished she were still with him to enjoy this lovely sunny day
But he grows weary and his walks are needing to be shorter these days.
He gets up and walks the 10 steps further to get in his car and go home
For without resting, he just couldn’t have made it those few steps further,
And he knows it won’t be long now,
Until he can see his Mildred again