I Miss You,
3 words so heavy on my heart.
Nameless Faces.
I know who you all are much too well.
You are not nameless to my heart
For you have left your heart prints behind on my life,
Never to be forgotten.
Although gone from my life,
Now a mere memory is all that’s left behind,
To mark the impact you had for the moment in time,
Our paths crossed.
A beautiful soul.
Our lives intertwined,
But only for a moment
To learn a lesson, or help along the path
Either yours, or mine.
Ours is not to grieve,
But appreciate and be grateful for that time experienced
For nothing lasts forever.
Life is always and constantly changing,
And we’re meant to experience it,
Not simply remain fixed and waiting.
Live it to the fullest and love everyone while you can
Let them go when you need to,
And don’t linger longer than life allows.
Savour the sometimes,
And enjoy the unexpected moments,
That will never be forgotten.