I’ve always wanted to settle down and build a life out of brick and mortar.
Lay down solid foundations and not be a nomad.
Something that can’t just be broken down or torn apart.
A cloak to really count on, but not one just to disappear behind.
It seems being a jack of all trades comes in handy for the life of a nomad though
But love, love is something different.
Love is a mysterious lady and doesn’t give up her secrets easily.
She hides behind glass walls out of reach but appearing in the open.
I never know whether to trust or just make smudgy nose prints as I run head first into the closed door, looking like an idiot, missing another opportunity.
Chasing after unicorns on mystical dragons seems to be the way of this nomad.
Breathing fire down it’s back, mistaking it for passion, and trying to cover its beauty with a band-aid, hoping to repair the irreparable damage.