I have this friend who’s been there for 3 years shy of 20,
57% of my life I think, for all the math geniuses out there.
She means so very much to me, I don’t know if she knows it,
Or even always realizes how truly special she really is.
I don’t know what I’d do without her,
And I don’t want to begin to even think about it.
So many times I’ve tried to write her a special poem,
And every time I cross it out, crumple it up, and toss it out,
Because no collection of words seem to do this wonderful woman justice.
No words seem to fit just right to describe the beauty of trust and love
I can feel whether its been months or minutes since we’ve spoken.
No words seem to be able to describe the magnitude of the friendship
I can experience when I run to her crying over a broken heart, another failed move, or crushed dream attempt.
No words seem to convey the ache and longing in my heart, when it rips out wanting to repair the struggle and sadness I see her go through sometimes, and wanting to fix it all,
And all I can do is find my grey chest of drawers that has the band-aids and offer her one to stop the bleeding with some Polysporin,
And give her a hug,
As she gives me one back.
Because that’s what friends of 17 years do.
We’re there for each other through thick and thin, good and bad.
The I’m published! and crap! I’ve naired my cat! – No, the actual cat! type moments,
To, I just need to cry a little, and it’ll be okay, type moments.
So let’s go go the CNE and share a few donuts and laughs
And cheers to another 17+ years

I love you buddy, for always ❤