Gypsy Aurora Musings

where the streetlights become stars and fireflies ignite the night



My Sweet Friend

Writing Flowing ChannelingOn the floor with my pen and bookNearby Koda shares in the cool of the fanMy sweet brave companionHe teaches me so muchSo full of innocent unconditional love Hi stories bring so much joyHe has won the hearts... Continue Reading →

What you mean in Oz

Once important people Are no longer so important Opinions that once mattered Voices once respected Have now been silenced in the mind The golden bridge that's been crossed Can't be burned from memory But won't be crossed back over That... Continue Reading →

My Heart Hurts

My heart hurts I've felt so distant from you lately When I've reached out it feels like I've just missed you Grasping the air just past Where you were there Looking up to you has been the flaw I suppose... Continue Reading →

What’s this Life for?

If smiles and hugs could pay the bills and fill the banks The world would be a happier less selfish place for everyone People would relearn the value of being polite And it would be the common thing Instead of... Continue Reading →

Book Launch for Woman’s Write: Strong and Free: Oct 10 4-6pm Hamilton Art Gallery

Book Launch for Woman's Write: Strong and Free: Oct 10 4-6pm Hamilton Art Gallery You can now buy your tickets for $25 here: I’m looking forward to it! II will be reading one of my poems as well as many... Continue Reading →

No Words, for my Bestie

I have this friend who's been there for 3 years shy of 20, 57% of my life I think, for all the math geniuses out there. She means so very much to me, I don't know if she knows it, Or... Continue Reading →

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