I want to do more than write JUST a poem for my father.
For as wonderful, large and grand as poems are,
They don’t even begin to hold a flame to this man.
Although I have heard some, that make me stop, make my jaw drop, and leave me breathless,
They only begin to come close to what he deserves.
He deserves a standing ovation from a Skydome sold out and packed full,
You know, from the Blue Jays World Series type days, back when it was the Skydome.
His face large, and smiling on that jumbo-tron.
Although, he’s also one of the most humble men I know,
So that smile would probably also be large, red and bashful.
I don’t know if he even realizes what a very special man he is sometimes,
Because he does so much for everyone from such a deep and giving place in his heart.
You know, that one where you never expect anything in return,
But in reality, deserve to be given the whole entire world?
So selfless, so compassionate, so loving,
This is the man I look up to with all my heart.
He’s been the most wonderful role model I could ever ask for,
Once I cleaned out my ears and opened my eyes and started paying attention.
I don’t know how you tell someone so special how much they mean to you,
And how everything they do is appreciated more than there are words to say,
Because I know this poem is only a tiny grain of sand,
On an entire beach full of thank yous.