If smiles and hugs could pay the bills and fill the banks
The world would be a happier less selfish place for everyone
People would relearn the value of being polite
And it would be the common thing
Instead of awkward or out of the norm
If we all looked out for one another a little more
Cared for our neighbour genuinely from the heart
And not just the bottom line
If we forgot what we stood to profit
Or politically gain by extending our hand
And just got down in the dirt once in a while!
Let’s get some grass stains on our second hand jeans
While out living life for once!!
Hold a door open, let that car in, heck even give up that parking spot
And park a bit further away – because really – that exercise is doing something for you anyway!
None of these ideas are so radical
But in a society that is moving so fast we can’t keep up with ourselves
Maybe we need to remember each other
And stress a little less and hug a little more
Because I’ve met a hell of a lot of hurting people lately
And all they really wanted
Was to be listened to, and loved.