Gypsy Aurora Musings

where the streetlights become stars and fireflies ignite the night


poetry slam

Meeting Destiny

Standing in front of my destiny For so long it felt like deja vu Have I been here before? I seem to recognize you But in that foggy way Where you don't really want to say anything For fear it's... Continue Reading →


When coming home to familiar places they aren't familiar faces and even the buildings have now changed but the streets are the same ones you knew so some how, some HOW it still seems familiar Even though nothing in your... Continue Reading →

What’s this Life for?

If smiles and hugs could pay the bills and fill the banks The world would be a happier less selfish place for everyone People would relearn the value of being polite And it would be the common thing Instead of... Continue Reading →

Balloon of Dreams

Let's just leave the lights of the city behind for a while And listen, while the noise of the night life comes alive with crickets not crack whores Listen, for the sweet symphony of the song birds Listen, for the... Continue Reading →

Published! & Other Exciting Updates!

Hi Everyone! No, I haven't disappeared off the planet. Sorry I've been MIA lately! I've been a busy girl! I went out to run the writing class in Hamilton yesterday due to the other facilitators being ill or busy and found... Continue Reading →

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