And she jumped
She jumped to find freedom
Freedom from the pain that plagued her
The incessant noise in her head
The burning inside her breaking heart
But instead broke her collarbone
And arm
In 3 places
She jumped to escape the longing in her heart
To be anywhere but here
To get away from herself
To get out of her own skin
She can run away from the police
She can ignore the phone when her friends call
She can slam the door on her boyfriend when he’s home
But she still hasn’t figured out
How to run away from the girl in the mirror
She’s tried smashing the glass
And just slices her wrists with it
She even sees her reflection in the blood
Spattered and pooling on the floor
She burns like the phoenix
And unwilling rises from the ashes every time
So she jumped to find freedom
But like the caged bird Maya Angelou writes
She keeps singing her beautiful sweet song
Because she does not know different
And will keep longing for her freedom

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