Standing in front of my destiny
For so long it felt like deja vu
Have I been here before? I seem to recognize you
But in that foggy way
Where you don’t really want to say anything
For fear it’s not really who you thought it was
And you’ll just stand there looking like an idiot
Except that I AM the one who’s been standing there looking like an idiot all this time
Destiny? Why didn’t you say anything to me?
I know. I had to figure out who you were on my own.
But damn you sexy sly mistress. Not even a hint?
I know. I was just too blinded by your intrigue to notice what was staring me in the face all along.
I’ve been shy. Flirting with you all this time. Unsure how to approach you.
You are quite intimidating you know.
But if I’m going to enjoy the benefits of knowing you, I can’t just dance around and be coy anymore.
Destiny, I want you. All of you. Everything you have to offer.
Please be mine.
I only hope I have not lingered too long at the bar
And motivated you to go home with someone else.