I opened the door and felt freedom to my heart. The air outside was cold and crisp which was a stark contrast to the cozy cabin I’d been snuggled up in all day by the crackling fire. As I stood in front of the open door, looking out to the vast white sparkling field, I took a deep breath. Untouched beauty, the snow fallen from the night before. The snowmobilers haven’t ripped into the perfectly dusted cream puff in front of me. Pine trees were iced and sparkled in the sunshine, I just took it all in. Every muscle in my body was relaxed in contentment.
“Sweetie?” I heard call from inside, “Are you heading out? You’re letting all the cold in. Come warm me back up again…….”
With an invitation like that, how could I resist? I closed the door gently, and returned to the warmth of the cabin where my lover lay waiting. Every curve was accentuated from the light of the fire and she just looked stunning. I paused, wanting to take in every inch of her beauty.
“Come,” she said simply. The words formed perfectly on her soft lips. She knew just the invitations I couldn’t resist.
I curled into bed next to her and she shivered against my cold skin. I ran my fingers along the goosebumps on her arms and shoulders. Then her neck, and I gently kissed them with my warm mouth, but it just seemed to increase them. She leaned her body against mine and I held her, enjoying the softness of her skin, her sweetness. We held each other for a moment, exchanging warmth, and I wish that moment could go on forever.