Gypsy Aurora Musings

where the streetlights become stars and fireflies ignite the night



Staircase Journey

When I stood at the bottom of the staircase I felt nervous, where did it lead? What was I getting myself into? I could not see the top but I felt drawn to ascend it anyway When I stepped on... Continue Reading →

The Cabin

I opened the door and felt freedom to my heart. The air outside was cold and crisp which was a stark contrast to the cozy cabin I'd been snuggled up in all day by the crackling fire. As I stood... Continue Reading →

This Moment

You grab me so passionately And for those moments I'm lost in a whirlwind of your arms, your lips, and you So sensual, so erotic I just want to feel this moment Your breath, your touch It's hypnotizing and alluring... Continue Reading →

Simple love

Just let me love you more than a bee loves a flower because without some sort of simple love and hope, much like the bee without the flower, and the world without pollen, I might go extinct I just want... Continue Reading →

Taking Time

Time runs fine away like grains of sand thru my hand I cannot catch it and control it any better than the waves are able to on the beach The words allude my pen and are the mistress of moments... Continue Reading →

A new tomorrow

Don't touch me I've done things I said I wouldn't do again My head has gone places I said I wouldn't go again I can't do this Don't touch me I've cried tears of pain Of love Of caring Of... Continue Reading →


my words choked in cold sweat my breath shallow in my chest hands trembling with untempered anxiety attention can't focus longer than what was I just doing I don't even remember anymore pain so dark and deep my thoughts spin... Continue Reading →

Book Launch for Woman’s Write: Strong and Free: Oct 10 4-6pm Hamilton Art Gallery

Book Launch for Woman's Write: Strong and Free: Oct 10 4-6pm Hamilton Art Gallery You can now buy your tickets for $25 here: I’m looking forward to it! II will be reading one of my poems as well as many... Continue Reading →

Drain Pipe Ambassador

Round little drain pipe sneaking the river under the road Letting it continue its path without interruption The fish don't even notice the paved highway above Nor do the cars notice the highway of aquatic life below Two worlds oblivious of... Continue Reading →

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