Home in your heart can travel with you anywhere
It isn’t defined by four walls
With a lock and a key on the door
Claiming it as yours
Securing your valuables away
Home is in your heart
In your memories
In your soul
It’s where you choose to keep yourself
And those special to you
It’s where you feel safe
For me it’s where my puppy and kitty are
Where my love resides
It’s not some crumbling condemned broken down soulless siding and brick place
Where my childhood resided
Or the 17 other places that have held my “stuff” along the way since
My home is kept safe in me
My memories I choose to nourish and trust
And hold close to my heart
Those can come along for the ride
Because the rest? Those painful traumatic ones?
They aren’t paying rent
And I’m damn sick of toting that weight around for free
No more sinking ships for me
Loving memories the build me up and make me smile
Those are free to come along for the trip
They are so light and weightless
It’s like a hot air balloon dancing through the blue sky
Cherishing home in my heart
Puppy kisses and soft kitty purrs
I think we’ll be good together
In our safe little home, nestled warm and snug and tight
Good night little family, turn out the light