Pain lingers in the dark shadows of her mind
Showing itself when she least expects it
Sitting quietly trying to get to sleep
An overwhelming blanket thrown over
Smothering her, gasping for air
Images flash like a horrible slide show
Words as clear as the day they were first spoken
Yet feeling like it is the first time they’ve been heard
Memories repressed
Choking Gagging Suffocating on Memories

This isn’t happening It can’t take my power anymore
But why can’t I breathe if it isn’t happening any longer

Tears streaking my eyes
Heart beating wildly
Trying to block out the words, the slide show
Suffocating on memories alive
As I imagine they were that day
Yet I can’t truly remember
Because up until this moment
They’ve been stuffed in a box
Deep down inside me

Now, triggered, I sit with a headache, tears and chest pain
Reliving what I feel is first time lived
That is what it is living with Repressed Demons inside
When I don’t know parts of my own soul
I have no control over when they decide they want to surface
In the middle of the night, as I try and find peace
When I just want peace, I just want to sleep