I looked up and saw the sky filled with hundreds of stars
Far off possibilities
Many of which may be gone
By the time their light reaches me
But for a fleeting moment
Their legacy lives on in my eyes
Their memory not forgotten

I see a star race across the sky
And I make a wish
Hopeful that my new  life can be strengthened
But by the light of that dying star
A moment frozen in my memory
Peace fills my heart
Sitting quietly under the light of the full moon
As we watch the stars pass by us on their journey
Millions of miles away

The moon too, gets it’s beauty
By the light of the sun
Reflecting team work
The sun shares her beauty
To ensure our moon gets to be seen
This cosmic dance that happens
Above and all around us
Magic that happens
Whether we see it or not

When we stop to appreciate the beauty of the night
For those quiet moments
We get to be gifted with the blessings of the universe
Whether they are wishing stars encouraging our dreams
Or full moons helping us release what’s no longer serving us
And for some, that’s releasing the pend up crazy
That longs to escape with the shooting star

Catapulting our struggles out to the stars
We no longer have to wonder where they are
Free from their burdens
We fly, We Fly, WE FLY!
We fly unrestricted in our path
Like the birds looking for…..what?

Birds get to fly anywhere they want
Why do they choose the same path?
Why do so many people choose the same path
When they have an entire universe of stars and light waiting for them
Unfaltering magic waiting
For whoever will come and embrace it
We are free to dance with the stars
No matter where we are

Written August 2016