Sitting peacefully on the edge of a new beginning
I peered out the door

I had opened it but was unsure what to do next
I paused at the open threshold and waited breathlessly

What was I waiting for?
I had opened the door
This was the new beginning I wanted

But my feet felt heavy, cemented in place
I couldn’t move forward
The threshold was calling and didn’t seem that intimidating

But it was all so new
Change is scary but I know it’s the only thing guaranteed in life
You’ll get run over on the road to success if you just stand there

And here I was just standing
I had planned this road
I knew my dreams awaited

On the other side of my fear

I took a deep breath and found that peace back
From when I was standing on the edge
Letting it fill my whole body

I jumped through the open door
Realizing as I did, I created these magnificent wings that guided me gently down
Into this brand new beginning that’s been waiting
I knew that with these beautiful new wings
The sky wasn’t even the limit
And I could go anywhere I could dream of

Written October 12, 2016