As I looked out the window
I saw crystal clarity
There was a beautiful blue sky
And the clouds leisurely passed by on their journey
To where? Only they really know
I saw cars busy and people rushing
Again, so many possibilities
Were they rushing to work
Only to get there and find out they were fired?
Was their wife having a baby and they had to rush to the hospital?
Or was someone they loved taking their last breaths at that same hospital
Maybe their family was waiting with dinner
Or maybe they just didn’t know how to slow down and enjoy the view
Outside the window
I saw fuzzy squirrels rushing to get ready for winter
I saw geese flying south escaping the winter fast approaching

As I sat peacefully, slowly looking out the window, contemplating it all
I had no desire to get out into that world
I wouldn’t trade my combines and feedmills
For your skyscrapers and subways
There are millions of stars in the night sky here
Dots painted like fireflies from the universe
The universe left the lights on
While all others are extinguished for slumber
There is silence that you can feel
And the northern lights dance in my soul
Breathing in every ounce of this peace
Never wanting to click my heels
And be anywhere else
Heart filled with love and hope
My soul has been waiting for this
Needing this
This is now home

Written Oct 26, 2016 Stratford